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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Scary Truth About Pre-Packaged "Nuggets"

First off, I must appologize for slacking on this blog during the past week. So much has been happening in our little world out here. One day a tumbleweed blew past which caused such an uproar here, we couldn't sleep for a week. Yep, Riley has NOTHING on my end of the world!

A few things I did do was to research some of the foods I had been missing since moving out ehre... like fast food. Nothing in particular, any and all fast food. Until the move, I never knew how much I enjoyed driving up to a window and being able to order, pay and recieve my food without ever leaving my car. Now I am lucky to have someplace open on the one day a week I go into town, much less something as facy as a fast food joint.

But upon watching some of the videos you are about to be introduced to, I feel I'm only missing really discuting things. Just wait, once you finish this blog today, you too will think twice about visiting your local Mc Donald's ever again!

The first video I found concerns chicken. Not the cute chickens squeezed into tiny boxes on farms. No, the stuff they call chicken in their nuggets and sandwich patties. Yeah, I call FALSE ADVERTISING on that! The video is called "What Are Chicken Nuggets Made Of?" So Mc Donalds didnt start using "white meat" in their foods for health reasons like they claimed. No, it was due to someone finding out they used AMMONIA in thier meats! Yuck.

The second video I want you to watch is called "The Truth About Mc Donald's". I have no words for this outside of, no matter how badly I was one of those damned toys, they will never again see me in their stores.

But never fear! If yout thinking that you will never again bite into the burger of your dreams, think again. I have found a guy on YouTube who posts videos of diffrent fast food chain recipes! Even Mc Donald's secret sauce! "NICKO'S KITCHEN". I'm sure it's healthier than buying them while sitting in your car after all!

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