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Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Set Up!

I am redesigning the setup of this blog to be a little more informative. Instead of just random recipes I am going to try and set things up in an order that will be easy to follow and bring you new and exciting food AND drink ideas for those not just in my area. See the line up below for more info on this:

Monday Make Overs
Each Monday I will attempt to bring you something you already like, but with a new twist to it. Whether it is Mac and Cheese, Chicken and Rice or even Meat Loaf, we will be twisting things up.

TV Tuesday
You all know I am addicted to the Food Channels. So on Tuesdays I will bring you great recipes, ideas, drinks and even resteraunts that I find through my tele.

Wednesday Websites
My poor hard drive is getting overloaded with all the great websites I have been coming across. I thought maybe those of you who does not have the time to search could benefit from me passing them on to you. From Blogs to Coupons to Contests, I will search them out and pass them on.

Thirsty Thursday
From Jim Bean to Martinis Thirsty Thursday is to help get you set up for the weekend with new drink twists that are both easy and flavorful.

Friday's Happy Hour
Being from the Big City, I'm used to having great free food buffets at different bars. Some of the bar foods will blow your mind!

Saturday Seasonings
Alot of my readers know how to follow a recipe but they really couldn't tell you WHY certain seasonings are added. I will attempt to shed some light on different seasonings, their flavor, what best to add them to, and even some tips on growing your own.

So, what do you think guys and gals? Will this help you in your own kitchen endeavors? Feel free to let me know what it is you want and need from this Blog!


  1. ...and on the Seventh Day, She rested. ;-))

  2. Not really resting on Sunday... just taking a day to get the week ready.